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Dear Tom,

We won! We were selected for an award by the Warren County Cultural and Heritage Commission for the restoration of our historic house. Since their choice was based on the way the addition looks from the outside, I believe our victory was due mainly to your stone and brick work. This is not surprising, since many people who have driven past have stopped to comment on the beauty of the stone walls. Everyone who has visited us has been greatly impressed by the back stone steps and the way the brick arches you installed over the windows perfectly match the ones on the original main house built in the early 1800’s.

These days it seems as if the very concept of quality is disappearing. So many contractors are in such a hurry to get finished and on to their next job, that they just don’t care about doing good work. We were happy to find that this was not the case with Thurgood Masonry. As you know, we were present and observed much of the work. Each stone was shaped to fit and every brick was laid with care. Experiments were even made with the mortar formula until a final product was achieved that perfectly matched the original house. And the improvements you made to the house’s drainage are working well and have certainly helped.

Thanks again for a job well done.
Michael and Kathleen Lordson

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